Sunday Worship
is at 9:30 a.m.

All are welcome!

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ELCA Global Links Newsletter
Tanzania Update (read the Kusema blog)

Vist our neighbors at The East Side Freedom Library!


Curious about our activities and what else is going on the East Side? Click the calendar tab above to see the breadth of our services to the community.

Arlington Hills Lutheran Church - A Community Beacon of Hope!

1115 Greenbrier Street St. Paul, MN, 55106         Tel: 651-771-5501

Our Vision
"Arlington Hills Lutheran Church Community, A Beacon for the Kingdom of Jesus Christ."

Our Mission
"To spread the Good News of Jesus Christ to all in word and deed."

Bring your mom to church!!! We hope to see you on Sunday, May 13th.

Upcoming events at the church, include a celebration of
Jim Jaszczak, who has put so much love, care and pride into his work as the custodian at Arlington Hills Lutheran Church. Join us for a reception after worship on May 20. That's also PENTECOST (wear something red!) and a celebration of the musical talents of the church, in worship.

Alley Shoppe is closed until further notice.