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Arlington Hills Lutheran Church - A Community Beacon of Hope!

1115 Greenbrier Street St. Paul, MN, 55106         Tel: 651-771-5501

Special Events and Fundraising
Church Office number - 651-771-5501

Below is the Give Plus secure electronic way to donate to Arlington Hills Lutheran Church. Click on the Sign In/ Sign Up link to get started.

  • Each month Arlington Hills Lutheran Church has many events for our members, but open to all! All of these events are listed in our newsletter, Light From the Heights. You may jump to the news letter page by clicking the link below.

    News Letters - click this link to get to the current and older editions
  • Please consider Electronic Giving - you never have to worry about remembering your envelope or check book, and your contribution is safely withdrawn from your bank account each month. No fuss for you, and a consistent stream of funding for Arlington Hills Lutheran Church. For more information, please contact the Church Office at the number above, or email: info@ahlc-stp.org.>
  • SCRIP SALES - buy things at your usual places and support the activities of Arlington Hills at no extra cost to you! For more information see the table in the foyer - talk to Tom Hanson, Tom Brockway or ask at the office. More info>

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