Be a Shipbuilder!

Look below decks for more information!







The Focus for June is "Companionship"

The companionship relationship with Tanzania began in 1987 when the St. Paul Area Synod partnered 

with the Iringa Diocese in Tanzania. 


A new phrase was coined: Bega Kwa Bega or BKB. It means Shoulder to Shoulder in Swahili. In recent

years our Synod transfers over $1 million each year to Tanzania. This is the largest partnership anywhere

in the ELCA.


In June we will highlight our companion congregation in Tanzania: the Idegenda Parish. They have been

our companion since 2001. The companion relationship has three foundations: prayer, presence and



Ten of our members have visited Idegenda on three different trips. During June some of our members that

have visited Tanzania will say a few words about their trip at the beginning of each Sunday service.


Pastor Lusungu Msigwa will preach for us on June 19th and he will tell us more about the Idegenda Parish

and about the students we help support at fellowship time after the service in the Reception Room.



We want to encourage you to...“Be A Ship Builder.


The definition of a shipbuilder from the Merriam-Webster Dictionary is “A person or company that builds ships” or “A business that builds and repairs ships.” Unlike Jethro Gibs from NCIS we will not be building this ship in the basement of our church and wonder “How we will get it out?” We will build/repair these ships each month and set them to sail. This year we will explore how we can build or repair a different ship each month.


Some of these “ships” will be familiar to you such as Worship, Fellowship, Partnerships, Stewardship, just to name a few. So I want you to think about what other “ships” that might need to be built here or might need to be repaired and let me know your ideas. I want to thank my sister and her husband, Sue and Dave Hunt for building the ship that you see in the lobby. As we did in a Year of Generosity we will tie different bible verses, songs to each theme. We will raise the first sail “Worship” to kick off the month of February. Will you join our crew? On the The USS Flagship “Arlington Hills Lutheran Church” Docked in Port, on the Eastside of St. Paul Let’s Set Sail and Have Some Fun!



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